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jueves, 6 de febrero de 2014

Drone journalism used to cover Presidential Elections in Central America

For the first time in the history of journalism in El Salvador, drone technology was used to cover presidential elections. The newspaper La Prensa Gráfica, used a small quadcopter to capture images and footage during voting day as citizens lined up to the polls in this Central American country. In an info graphic, the paper explained to readers how the technology they used works. The equipment of choice was the new DJI Phantom 2 Vision Quadcopter

DJI Phanton 2 Vision Quadcopter. Photo © KIKE CALVO

Drone journalism has also been used in other countries across Latin America. As Jeffrey T. Lewis reported last June for the Wall Street Journal, ¨Two of Brazil´s largest media organizations have adopted the latest technology to record images of the protests around the country.¨ Grupo Reforma, the largest print media company in Mexico, also documented a massive construction project from the sky in 2013.

 ¨We can cover all type of events. For instance, we can document live sports,  fly over areas where emergencies have occurred, monitor protests that are developing or report on traffic jams,¨ said Álvaro Sagrera, Technology Director of Grupo Dutriz, owner of La Prensa newspaper. 

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