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jueves, 10 de octubre de 2013

On Assignment: Heads Up Football for National Football League

 As a photographer, I get hired to capture the essence of events. Last night, I was on assignment for the National Football League via AP, were I captured Heads Up Football Advisory Committee Member  Chris Golic and her husband Mike interacting with the kids from the New Britain Jr. Hurricanes. Images aired this morning as part of a ESPN Radio Show video, reaching more than 170,000 people. Images will be all around the United States in a few hours. Photographs were taken with a Nikon D800. Files were archives using LaCie hard drives ( 1TB Rugged USB 3.0 Thunderbolt Series Portable Hard Drive) and images processed using Wacom tablets. All inside Lowepro Bags and National Geographic Bags by Manfrotto.

Heads Up FootballAdvisory Committee Member  Chris Golic and her husband Mike is seen at the New Britain Jr. Hurricanes Heads Up Football practice on the October 9, 2013 in New Britain, Connecticut. (Kike Calvo / AP Images for National Football League)

Program Title: Mike & Mike
Genre:(Sports talk)
Minute: 1
Start Second: 0
End Second: 60
Market: ESPN2 (ESPN2)
Air Time: 10/10/13 07:59 AM EST 

[10/10/13 11:59 AM UTC]

Estimated Audience: 171,109

Radio Show Transcript:
in golic , in what way were you dissed bay child? my wife chris is on the advisory committee for the heads up program going around i think there's 2800 little league programs going through this learning to deep head up when you hit, how the diagnosis concussions. we went to new britain where the junior hurricanes hold their practices from second to eighth grade and they have a fantastic system going on and they have really bought into the heads up program. i watched the drills of what they do. win of the really cool things. for those who have never played or coached football, one of the great angle tackling drills, as they are doing it, they stand behind the ball carrier and hold up in the air numbers on your hand and the tackler has to hold up the number meaning your head is up and you can see what you're hitting. so the drills are fantastic. so as we're talking to the kids and my wife was talking to the parents and coaches so i have all these kids around. fifth graders they all watch espn. the one kid was talking about when he and his dad drive into work they listen to the show. so i told them i played in the league for nine years. when they heard that, they were asking questions and good questions then all of a sudden, did you ever tackle reggie bush? well, reggie bush is playing now. i never played reggie bush. did you ever sack tom brady? well, i didn't play against tom brady. did you ever hit update ciinnati no. he is playing out in. then it's silence because i don't know if they are waiting. they are kind of confuse do so. then there's dead silence and after a pause i hear out of the group, boy, you're old. then i looked and said, who said that? i said start running. i'llell you when to stop. yeah. i mean, they thought it was cool i played but they thought now amongst the players. what team did you tell them you played for? who did you get drafted by? and as soon as i said it, i knew what was going to happen but what am i going to say? i got drafted by the houston oilers. a team that has not existed in their lifetime and one of the first kids said, who is that? i said well you know who the tennessee titans are? used to be the houston oilers and i got off that subject quickly because i knew. but yeah. you're old. they thought for whatever reason i'm playing now and ainst these guys, it was disheartening but they were a great group of kids and i tip my hat to new britain. they are embracing the heads up program and doing it very, very well.

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