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martes, 15 de octubre de 2013

Cool Gadgets:Wacom CINTIQ 22HD Pen Display - Graphics Monitor with Digital Pen - Black

 • 21.5" HD Display features a wide format, full HD resolution and extra wide viewing angle. • Work naturally and intuitively directly on screen. Sketch, paint, design and edit directly on the surface of the screen. • Wacom's most advanced pressure and tilt-sensitive pen technology replicates the natural effects and experience of working with conventional tools such as pens, markers, and brushes. • Time saving Express Keys, Scroll Ring and Radial menus give you customizable, one-touch shortcuts and modifiers.

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  1. These are just some of the reasons why cool gadgets stand out from the others. It is never unanimously accepted because there are always complainers. If the majority of the geeks accept it as a cool gadget, then it goes down in the history books as one.

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