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miércoles, 17 de octubre de 2012

The Photographic Chain: LISA KERESZI

Five minutes with Lisa Kereszi

¨Office¨ from Lisa´s latest book, Joe's Junk Yard (Damiani 2012).
Trainer, PA, 2001.

My dream is... to live by the sea, and have the means to do so without compromise, to make my work there and everywhere only for myself, and to be able to fully concentrate on it, with no distractions.

The biggest lesson in my career is ... to not waste my time and energy, but to focus on the artwork I really need to make. (I hope I will listen to my advice one day.)

The biggest lesson in my life is... yet to come. I hope I haven’t missed it, that is, the lesson, as well as the best of life.

The moment I will never forget is... getting the call in Brooklyn in 2003 on my old rotary telephone in my kitchen-cum-storage area from a lad with a strong Scottish brogue offering me a commission to shoot Governors Island – all expenses paid (and then some), and free, unlimited access to a ghost town on an island.

Photography is... light reflected off a surface that is captured and fixed on film or a sensor. It is also many things to many people. It is not just a click of a shutter, a “snapshot.” The moment of exposure is not flippant, but the culmination of one’s life experiences up until that point: everything ever seen before, read, heard, every movie, every book, every interaction with the world.

Why? One is a photographic artist because one feels compelled to show something, to point something out, seen in this one specific way, different from anyone else’s.

The Time Machine: 

Lisa she was 16 or 17.  Photographed with her old camera case on her 1966 Mustang.
Chichetser, PA, around 1989-90. 

2011 at Larry Fink's farm in Martin's Creek, PA. 


Lisa suggests me talk to:  Photographers Larry Fink,  Joseph Michael Lopez, Katie Murray, Matt Ducklo, Pam Pecchio and Victoria Sambunaris. Or editor, Michelle Dunn Marsch.

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