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domingo, 28 de octubre de 2012

International Center of Photography (ICP) comes to Latin America for the first time in history

The International Center of Photography (ICP) is coming to Latin America for the first time. Bogotá (Colombia) will host this one week event in February 18-23 2013, bringing together very well known experts on photography and the business of photography, including Selina Maitreya, Steve Simon, Steve Diamond, Alison Morley, Bob Sacha and Kike Calvo. Master Talks, Workshops, Portfolio Reviews and Experimental Rooms with clients, is just a quick description of what this ¨dream project¨ will be about.

If you are:

a) A BRAND or a COMPANY interested in having a presence, joining us or sponsoring (like many of you whom I explained all details personally at Photo Plus Expo (PPE) in New York, email me at .

b) If  you are a photographer or a student interested in attending Foto Enlace in Colombia, email

c) If you are a photographer seeking representation or an agency, email VWPICS at

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