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jueves, 20 de septiembre de 2012

Nicaragua: New assignment for The New York Times

¨FOUNDED just before the Spanish left the country in the early 19th century, Managua, the capital of Nicaragua, is a city without a center, and, bizarrely, without conventional addresses; instead there are locations, many referring to Lake Managua, which the city, otherwise, doesn’t much celebrate. The 1972 earthquake shattered Managua’s once glorious boulevards...¨ 

This is how the text reads for my recent assignment for The New York Times in Managua. A wonderful piece by Sarah Wildman for the 36 hours Travel Section of the paper: 36 hours in Managua (Nicaragua).

Working for this type of project is a wonderful creative challenge, where in a weekend, as the assigned photographer, we need to bring out all our skills to create mood, transmit the feeling of a location and create a body of work with a huge time limitation. What can I say. I just love it.  Photographs were taken with my Leica M9. 

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