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viernes, 18 de mayo de 2012

The Photographic Chain: ELIZABETH KRIST

Five minutes with ELIZABETH KRIST

My dream is... that people would believe in facts.

The moment I will never forget... going with Michele McNally to see photographer Ethan Hoffman in the hospital shortly before he died.  A close friend, Ethan had been injured on assignment.  I will always remember how friends surrounded his bed, keeping vigil.

The biggest lesson in my career… is that everyone has something to contribute.  What I’ve learned from a series of exceptionally humane bosses is the value of seeking out a person’s strengths. 

The biggest lesson in my life… is how essential it is to stay in touch with the people you care about.  Life is short, make the time. 

Photography is... like food, water, air.  Can’t live without it.

The Time Machine:



So who is … Elisabeth? National Geographic Senior Editor.

More about Elisabeth:
. Interview with National Geographic photographer Frans Lanting: Photograph or Painting
. Pictures of the Year International: Chieng-Chi Chang

Elisabeth suggest me to talk to:  Michelle McNally, Maggie Steber, MaryAnne Golon, Alice Rose George

North Korea 2002. Elizabeth with National Geographic 
photographer Michael Yamashita   

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