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jueves, 9 de febrero de 2012

The Photographic Chain: James Estrin

The Photographic Chain: Five minutes with…JAMES ESTRIN


My dream is... that every child in the world will have the opportunity to grow up and fullfill who they are.

The biggest lesson in my career...
is that work ethic matters more than anything else, or at least, as much.

The biggest lesson in my life... was seeing people die in front of me. That made me realize the preciousness of living.

The moment I will never forget... was holding my first child in my arms.

Photography And important.
Kike´s thoughts: I see Jim as a role model for upcoming photographers, particularly for all those new photojournalists working hard to find their niche in the market.

When I started this "photographic chain", my mission was to share the human stories behind the photo industry. Making an effort to find out who the people in the industry really are like, beyond bylines and clients, I committed myself to conveying in simple words how I felt about whom I interviewed.

My hunch is that Jim's heart is bright and immense as is the list of his accomplishments. He mentioned ethics being his primary professional commitment, and I have no doubt that walks the talk. I first met Jim during one of my early rounds trying to find the way pass the door of The New York Times. He reviewed my work on water, which didn't quite fit into the Lens Blog. Still, he took the time to pass my other work to the right people. On my last interview with Tom Kennedy , we spoke about giving back to new generations. Jim is doing it day in, day out. And I want to thank him for that. Thank You Jim!


So who is ...
More about Jim:Twitter: @JamesEstrin
New York Times Lens Blog

Jim suggests me to talk to: Adriana Teresa from Visura Magazine or photographer Diana Markosian.

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