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sábado, 29 de diciembre de 2012

Five minutes with Adriana Teresa

By Kike Calvo

My dreams is... to dedicate my days to voluntary service assisting the elderly, educating the younger generations, creating jobs for the generations in between, and working with the Government on ways to stimulate cultural affairs and policy through the arts. I work every day of my life so that I can reach this goal.

The biggest lesson in my career is... that success is not a destination; it is a journey.

One of the biggest lessons in my life is... patience.

The moment I will never forget is... the night I crossed the Brooklyn Bridge for the first time with Graham at midnight. Every time I think about this moment, my heart is filled with love and hope—and it is a reminder that I am a child of the universe and I need to trust life.

Photography is … not dead.

Why? As long as there is a camera and an individual interested in using it as a medium to communicate—photography is not dead. All the grey zones is just part of the journey.

So who is... Adriana ?
More about Adriana

Adriana suggests me to talk to: Graham Letorney, photographer and curator of NPR´s column 100 Words on Photography; photographers Jeff Jacobson, Charles Harbutt or Donna Ferrato.

The 10 Big Rules of Photography. Or so I think …

(Translation by Sari Levy)
Original article in Spanish

These days, while I was recording my video “Rain,” I suffered a heavy fall in the jungle. I had slipped on a bridge “slightly” slippery as a consequence of / due to the rain and the moss. The fall, combined / in conjunction with long periods of contemplation, orthopedic collar included, and various sedatives / relaxants, I set to think about/over a compendium of rules, that all those who wish to follow/pursue a career in the difficult world of photography ought to remember:

1. “You will photograph. If you leave…” My grandfather Enrique would always allude to the phrase “You will live. If you leave…” I think that this phrase is realized in the current environment of photography. This can be understood in two ways: First: As photographers, in addition to being artists, we must also obtain permits or simply pass by unnoticed.  Second: The profession is more and more complex, and sadly there are many who will stay on the road / fall by the wayside.

2. “Nobody is perfect except the CAPTAIN”: The recent creation of a blog dedicated to / in the memory of my father, made me remember, after reading a note from my brother Nano, in which / that he used again and again.  In photography, as in life, nobody is perfect. We are all searching for / seeking a dream or using photography as a means of artistic expression, or maybe only as a hobby using our IPhone and programs such as / like Instagram, but be that as is may / either way / regardless, we need to help each other. (As) The future of our beloved profession is intimately linked to the respect of the work of others.

3. “The Wheel of Life”: The Cubans speak of “cachumbabé.” The salsa singer Gilberto SantaRosa, since we discovered this rule long ago, in the lyrics of one of his songs, “Everything that rises must fall.” Closely linked / tied to rule number 2. We must support / rely on each other. It is clear that we must make our own way, and try to be the best, but the brave thing does not remove the polite thing. That we are forward in the way of / on the path to the profession, we must look back offering our hand, when possible. Those who initiate the way / path / road, must look ahead / forward, with respect that the careers of others deserve, regardless of style, technique (skill), or social platform.

4. “Never look a gift horse in the mouth”: This rule I have written thinking about the new and future generations of photographers. Youth gives us hope and energy. Do no waste it. Photography, in a certain way, seen/viewed from a commercial / business perspective, would be very similar to playing Monopoly.  The way / form in which you move your chips/cards/sheets at the start of the game, it is quite/very possible, (al)though not always, to determine what comes next. Think with your head, and photograph with your heart. As the Chinese proverb says when you drink water, remember the source.

5. ”The world is a dangerous place,” said Albert Einstein. “Not because of the people who are evil; but because of the people who don't do anything about it.” Every day I am sure of it. Many of those interviewed for my project The Photographic Chain confirm this. The secret is to work hard.  Many have the talent, but only a few from all the rest that which is necessary to be a successful photographer and to go so far as to produce concrete proposals and ideas.

6. “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent,” as Eleanor Roosevelt once said. This phrase is key for those who for reasons of life, will have to begin or continue his or her photographic career outside of his or her immediate environment. Many people live (through) it. Fortunately or unfortunately, I left my “land” at the age of 24, in what was the pursuit of a dream. If I had to start, it would begin anew, step by step. If you find yourself in those first steps, remember, always forward. To look back / move backwards nor / even to take a run-up. Already / even in his day Benjamin Britten told us that learning is like rowing against the current: as soon as you leave, back. Education will be our greatest ally.

7. “A smile is worth (more than) a thousand words”: the question is repeated over and over again / recurs repeatedly in/during my photography workshops. How do I get to photograph people? With a smile. In the words of the Dalai Lama, “I think of a smile as something unique to being human. A smile is also a powerful means of communication. A perfect expression of human love and compassion.” Photography of people is more linked / tied to the connection with people, than to photographic technique. If you give, you will receive.

8. “The fair price”: If we do not appreciate our work, nobody will do it for us. If they contact us for a job we say: “surrender the free pictures, with me they will leave you with many orders / assignments / jobs / missions.” Before that you must respond: “I am confident that many orders will go out. This is why, we will do nine jobs to my price, and when job number ten arrives, I will make it free to you.” And on / about the business of photography, perhaps dare I say, that the best way to make money with photography, is selling our house. However / nevertheless, after many years in this profession and dozens of countries tours, I think / believe it is one of the most incredible professions that exist.

9.”We are our memory, we are that fantastic museum of inconstant forms, that (this) pile/heap of broken mirrors,” said Jorge Luis Borges. Photographers like journalists / such as photojournalists, in addition to documenting first communions, doing press releases or presenting finery (galas), we are part of the peoples’ / villages’ collective memory. We help to capture it, and on some occasions, some of them become / turn into “central” elements of the cultural life of their cities or regions of origin. Therefore I ask that we be the artists who remember the other artists. But it is in this way / form, it is very possible that our work remains in a corner of oblivion. For example, my father. One of the greatest journalists which my region has given forth, they called him “The Voice of Aragon.” And more than 18 years later, they have / had to be his sons / children, who tired of waiting for a street that was promised to them someday, created a blog to perpetuate his memory and to educate the new generations on who was Enrique Calvo. Because as Camilio José Cela said, “Death calls, one by one, all men and all women, without forgetting / not to mention only one single G-d, what / that fatal memory, and those that for the time being we are freeing / releasing / getting rid of, jumping from hole to hole like a butterfly or gazelle, we never came to believe that he would be with us, someday / one day, his cruel plan.”

10. “Never stop dreaming” – Kike Calvo

miércoles, 12 de diciembre de 2012

COOL GADGETS: Portable Audio Recorders Video

FOTOENLACE 2013: International Center of Photography llega a América Latina

FOTOGRAFOS al mundo llega a Colombia con el objetivo de traer oportunidades y beneficios a los fotógrafos de Latinoamérica. Siendo consientes de las necesidades que hay en este campo se creo FOTOENLACE, un festival de fotografía que llega en su primera versión a Colombia, con el propósito de brindar a sus participantes la oportunidad de ampliar sus conocimientos y su visión acerca del manejo del negocio de la fotografía.

El festival contará con la presencia de 4 reconocidos fotógrafos internacionales, una editora y una consultora del negocio de la fotografía, enriqueciendo a sus participantes con 6 clases magistrales, diseñadas especialmente para darles las herramientas necesarias en el manejo de su negocio. Complementando el festival, llega el “International Center of Photography” desde Nueva York con 6 talleres en simultánea, dirigidos por un selecto grupo de profesores de esta prestigiosa institución.

Finalmente y cerrando el evento se tendrán 6 cuartos experimentales con clientes, una oportunidad única para que los fotógrafos puedan aplicar todo su aprendizaje, mientras muestran su trabajo a clientes reales y potenciales.
Esta será una semana que estará llena de aprendizaje, experiencias y oportunidades en la que los participantes serán transportados por 6 días a un espacio lleno de magia, donde la fotografía toma su lugar y disfrutando de una parte de la escena fotográfica de Nueva York en Colombia.

Fotógrafos al mundo cuenta con su propia línea de productos, especialmente pensados para fotógrafos, incluyendo chalecos con el branding así como el servicio de tartas con formas de cámaras por encargo, de momento, únicamente disponible en Colombia. 

Diferentes medios comienzan a sacar notas sobre el evento. Para más información o detalles, no dudeis en contactarme o directamente con

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Click! Click! Click! United Nations Office for Project Services

The United Nations Office for Project Services in Nicaragua includes one of my photographs in their website.

Unforgettable Sperm Whale Encounter

As you all know, I have spent hundreds of hours underwater in oceans around the world, documenting the sea and its beauty. Among these creatures, marine mammals have a special spot in my heart. I just came across this amazing video, and decided to share it. Its well worth the 1.46 min that it lasts.

I had the opportunity to photograph sperm whales  in the Acores Islands in Portugal, way back in time. The video I am sharing was made by underwater cameraman Howard Hall, and it shows a breathtaking encounter of two divers with a sperm whale in Dominica. The beautiful music was made by Shie Rozow.

When it comes to bringing my photography gear on boats, I like to bring Pelican cases, such as the Pelican 1650 , if I am seeking impact resistant hardcases. Lowepro also makes fully waterproof backpacks, which they have joined me on ocean expeditions and even river trips on the jungle and the Amazon Basin. The Lowepro DryZone 200 Backpack is a great example of water proof protection and comfort, specially if you need to walk around carrying your own gear.


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COOL GADGETS: RODE Stereo VideoMic for DSLR Cameras

Recording audio when filming with a DSLR camera is not an easy task. But having the right equipment is essential. I have enclosed a video that talks about Rode VideoMics, which I find of excellent quality. I particularly use the Rode VideoMic Pro Compact Shotgun Microphone.

Easy ways to improve your wedding photographs

Often I get emails asking about ways of improving our wedding photographs. I have decided to share this interesting video that explain,s not only some things we can photograph to make more powerful stories, but also, some photography gadgets like a Snoot, to create a precise beam of light. Among my list of light gadgets, I always make sure to include some Lumiquest Softboxes and California Sunbounce Reflectors.

Those interested in producing your own wedding books or photography books, you can take advantage of this Black Friday special: 25% off Blurb Books | Code: HOLIDAYTHANKS | Offer expires 11/26/12 . If you get to see this post after that date, you can still benefit from a discount just for visiting my blog. Click on the banner below to get your 15% discount on Blurb Books.

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COOL GIFTS: Kike Calvo prints from the National Geographic Art Store

Many of you have asked in the past about buying prints from my images within the National Geographic Collection. From now on, those of you living in the United States and Canada, will be able to buy online: Mounted Prints, Framed Prints or Canvas Art cof my images. New images will be added constantly to this new option. Remember you can always buy my images on products at and my online store.

COOL GADGETS: Joby Gorillapod

The Joby Gorillapod wraps around nearly anything and grips onto nearly any surface. A great option when you don´t want to carry a tripod.

COOL GADGETS: Lens Baby Creative Effects System


Today I got an email from Radha. I met Radha on one of my National Geographic Expeditions. For no reason, just for the sake of making me happy, and knowing I had a passion for vintage cameras, she surprised me. I still remember my joy with a big smile on my face. Several times in a row, she made my day by shipping a box that contained a vintage camera. I had no idea she was doing it. Today, on my email, I got a message from her that included the following video made by Louise Schwartber. I think you should all watch this video. I think we should all look at the sky. We should really look at the sky...

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¨I hope that the essence of my photographic work will last.¨-- Kike Calvo

Last week I had the opportunity to listen to Leo Rubinfien´s words at the School of Art at Yale University. Beyond the aesthetic emotions, I was captivated by an idea he developed on, regarding the lonelyness of the artist´s career. The feeling of producing art, yet being alone most of the creative way.

This morning I was asked what will I like in connection to my work. After thinking about this matter, while editing my work in the Guna Yala Archipielago for the AECID (Agencia Española de Cooperación y Desarrollo), I can honestly say that this is my wish:

¨ I hope that the essence of my photographic work will last among the framework of all the great photographs take in history.¨ -- Kike Calvo

¨Espero que la esencia de mis fotografías perdure dentro del marco 
de las grandes fotografías de la historia¨. -- Kike Calvo

Panama: Bilinguismo en Guna Yala (Archipiélago de San Blas)

Los kunas o gunasa, son un pueblo amerindio localizado en Panamá y Colombia. Su idioma hace parte de la familia lingüística chibcha. En lengua kuna, se autodenominan como dule (Se pronuncia Tule) que significa "persona". En este video, entrevista a una mujer indígena guna sobre el programa bilingue que la Agencia de Cooperación Española (AECID) ha estado apoyando en Panamá.

Al final, la mujer me explica cómo se dicen ciertas palabras en su idioma, incluyendo mi frase favorita, ¨Nunca dejeis de soñar¨. Los Gunadule (anteriormente kunas) viven mayormente en el noreste de Panamá en un vasto rosario de aldeas asentadas en alrededor de 360 islas y arrecifes. La lengua Kuna es una lengua indígena de la familia Chibcha cuenta entre 50,000 a 70,000 hablantes. El nombre de la lengua en Kuna es Dulegaya, lo que significa "lengua del pueblo Guna (Kuna)".

No dejeis de visitar mi galería de regalos con temáticas de Panamá, para sorprender con una camiseta, una taza o un mouse pad.

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FES Alumni Reunion 2012

Some moments of the Forestry and Environmental Studies Alumni Reunion.
Yale University

domingo, 11 de noviembre de 2012

Photography is as the eye on the Buddha's palm

 A silver-surfaced copper sheet prior to exposure in Photograph results in the formation of a layer of photo-sensitive silver halide, and exposure to a scene or image through a lens formed a latent image. The latent image was made visible, or "developed", by subjecting the exposed plate to the fumes rising from a quantity of heated mercury.

I met Indrani Krishnan-Lukomski at my recent Master´s Tea at Yale. I was delighted with her curiosity and interest in anthropology. She grew up in Singapore, and witnessed the south-east Asian culture in a city-state where 76% of the population is of Chinese descent. 

Her interest in anthropology is a result of experiencing Singapore's difficult cultural transition into globalization. Thanks to the Yale's Richard U.Light Fellowship, she participated in the Duke Study in China session with Beijing's University of International Business and Economics.

 I will  to share with you some of her photographic adventures in China. But before, for those interested in the East, take a minute to explore the blog of Spanish photographer Nano Calvo and his recent photographic expedition to Japan.  And yes, you guessed right. We are related. I do know him since he was very young, since I was very young. As young as I my memory can remember. 

By Indrani Krishnan-Lukomski 

The South Korean photographer Atta Kim compared this process to Heidegger's Geworfenheit, Throwness.   The metaphor between Geworfenheit and Photography introduces the latter as a fifth sense, the conscious eye. 

The term plays with the concepts of Being and Time and works around the interactions of the subject with its surroundings (instinctual reactions and interpretations). Heidegger's monistic view of the world introduces everything as in existence, only unnoticed.This touches photography in its power to reveal the unremarked.

I chose photography to embrace my project because I profoundly see in it a gateway to Existential realisation.  I spent my last weekend pouring over the photographic archives of Beijing's 798 Art District and was inspired by the words of many artists whose process resonated with that of which I am in search.

Photography became for me a straightforward path to social awareness. In our modernised, urbanised, globalised and always moving never stopping world, human relationships can be pushed to an insignificant portion of our lives, leading us to an individualistic understanding of existence. 

I believe the issue at stake resides in this "always moving never stopping" that defines contemporary societies. Taking a walk around Singapore's National History Museum, there it has quite a relevant Movie introducing the capital as a 24/7 human industry.  

In such circumstances it is hard to take a step back, it is hard to detach ourselves from our actions and take a moment to understand the stands we unconsciously take.  Perspective is what we often miss, and in every sense of the term, perspective is what I found through my camera. 

Photography, existential questioning, social awareness, and perspective... a base ground study for anthropology.

Many of the photographers I discovered in Beijing’s Art District compared their camera to a supplementary sense. Art is this field of uncertainty and subjectivity.  I believe every Art has a purpose, underlying or straight in your face.  Rimbaud’s Letter to Paul Demeny, know as “The Visionary,” and very inspiring in this way since he talks of art as an eye-opening guide: “We owe a duty to Society, you belong to the teaching profession. I say that one must be a seer. So the poet is truly the thief of fire.”

Photography, when life such as a treadmill flies beneath you, or over you, is that stop in time like a deep in-breath. Photography is Pascal's eternal present, where the past and future resound in an immortalised present. I wondered, on a racing passenger bike as Ping Yao, Da Tong's street scenes blew past me what photography exactly meant to me, as a traveller. And it all came down to remembering time and capturing, grasping the power of a second. You travel and discover every second something completely new, unforseen. Travelling is the constand reminder that we are only travelling through. It is intruding another's life for some time and understanding with in the back of your mind the reality of the ticket that sooner or later will bring you back "home."

That day as I thought we passed a small winding street lined with grey bricks with a child kneeled at its center playing with the earth. The moment was gone before I knew it but somehow I had had the time to take a snapshot. To live eternally in every second of your life, to live in every street you pass. It could just well be. For what if I stopped here and rested a while? But we are always running. Somehow through every snapshot that milisecond is turned to gold, not frozen in time but endless in time, enabling you to persist in that memory, without living in the past but rather in an unlimited present, and to explore in depth every fold of it. 

In the last paragraphs I speak of memory and our predilection to forgetfulness. The reason why photography has become so important in my personal process and in my interaction with the world would because of how unbearable this truth seems to me. When evey moment every instance of your spinning life is full of meaning and weight, as it creates the thread of your history and thus as your experiences create you, it seems unbearable to forget what makes you who you are. Very edgy and wordy explanantion, but we'll pass my poor writing. 

I was walking in some Hutongs and conversing with one of the inhabitatns when he asked me to take a photograph of his street. My camera is digital, very useful to connect with people, so I showed him the snapshot of his home. It was very moving to see the happiness looking at that picture gave him and to see the true gratefulness in his eyes as he thanked me. He even went into his room to take out a pet turtle and asked me to go on taking pictures of the two of them. This man never asked me to send him the photos, it was never his intention to ask for them, even after proposing. But I think I understood that little mattered apart the happy reminder that somewhere in the world there was that memory, his reality immortalized. With Hutongs being destroyed by the day in Beijing, people's homes for generations being pulled apart there was that hope that the little Hutong south west of the Imperial City, where he lived with his turtle would remain in some memory, in some other dimension. Maybe it is just me, but anyways that's the interpretation I chose and its precious signification has stuck with me. 

I would strongly encourage you to check out Feng Jian Guo's work, concentrated on the destruction of Hutongs, giving a voice to what is disappearing. 

sábado, 10 de noviembre de 2012

TEDxSanJoaquin: National Geographic photographer Annie Griffiths

Annie Griffiths takes the viewers on a journey from her beginnings, as one of the first women photographers at National Geographic, to her creation of a non-profit dedicated to empowering women and girls in the developing world.

Lindblad National Geographic Expedition: Costa Rica & The Panama Canal

Costa Rica & the Panama Canal: 

Sail the historic Panama Canal, snorkel an undersea paradise, and explore the verdant rain forests of Costa Rica on this coastal expedition.

Monteverde + Costa Rica & the Panama:  Itinerary
Add an inland exploration of the Monteverde cloud forest to your coastal Panama Canal & Costa Rica expedition—free on select 2013 departures.*
Panama to Costa Rica + Monteverde, Arenal
 Volcano & Sarapiqui
 (15 Days) | 
Panama & Costa Rica in-depth—see cloud forests and a smoldering volcano. Sail the Canal, explore among coastal islands, and enter the heart of the rain forest.

National Geographic aboard: top photographers & special guest speakers

Get timely photo tips from National Geographic photographers Michael Melford and Kike Calvo, and discover another layer of expedition insight from National Geographic's Rob Hernandez and Christopher P. Baker.

Discovering the Higgs through Physics, Dance and Photography

I am pleased to inform, that The Arts Council of Greater New Haven has chosen our project ¨Discovering the Higgs through Physics, Dance and Photography¨, as one of the seven chosen to receive funding as part of Reintegrate: Enhancing Collaborations in the Arts & Sciences.

The Project´s team is formed by Sarah Demers (Physics - Assistant professor, Physics Department at Yale University ), Emily Coates (Dance . Director of the dance studies curriculum at Yale University) and Kike Calvo (Photography).

The recent discovery of a particle that is consistent with the Higgs boson has resulted in considerable interest among the general public. The last of the predicted particles within the standard model of particle physics, the Higgs is the mechanism responsible for the mass of subatomic particles.

Our Reintegrate project will translate the details of the Higgs boson discovery into a series of precisely choreographed visual images. By translating potentially the greatest breakthrough in particle physics in the 21st century through the intersecting artistic mediums of photography and dance, we will investigate the problem and benefits of communication across three disciplines that weigh heavily toward the non-verbal articulation of ideas.

The Team:

Sarah Demers (Physics) is a particle physicist and an assistant professor in the Physics Department at Yale University. As a member of the International ATLAS Collaboration, she uses data from the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland in her research on elementary particles and the forces that govern their interactions. Professor Demers received a bachelor’s degree in physics from Harvard University and her Ph.D. from the University of Rochester. She is on the executive committee of the users organization that represents the 1000+ American physicists whose research is based at CERN. In 2011 she received an Early Career Award from the Department of Energy for her work at ATLAS.

Emily Coates (Dance) has directed the dance studies curriculum at Yale University since its inception in 2006. From 2006 to 2012, she also served as the artistic director of the World Performance Project at Yale, a performance research initiative established to draw artists and scholars into dialogue. A dancer, choreographer, writer, and researcher, her work assumes a variety of formats, often through interdisciplinary and cross-cultural collaboration.

Kike Calvo (Photography) is an award-winning photographer, bilingual journalist and author, represented by National Geographic Stock. A National Geographic Expert with an emphasis in Latin America, he specializes in environmental and cultural documentary. His editorial and personal work have been exhibited and collected internationally. A freelancer for the New York Times, with a strong interdisciplinary background in Economics, International Affairs and Environment, Kike continues his education by teaching photography at workshops, seminars and lectures around the world.

To learn more about the Higgs:

¨God particle¨Found?  "Historic Milestone" From Higgs Boson Hunters

Discovery News: Particle ´consistent´with Higgs Boson Discovered

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Halloween 2012: New York darkest night after Hurricane Sandy

After documenting Hurricane Sandy in New York for two days, I decided to head to downtown Manhattan and capture the night of Halloween 2012, a night where the only lights available bellow 23rd Street came from flashlights, cars and a few generators. My apologies for the editing, but its been some crazy days here. 

martes, 30 de octubre de 2012

Kike Live: Entrevista en directo con Kike Calvo desde Nueva York

Os comparto una entrevista en directo desde Nueva York, narrando a Aragón Radio la experiencia de vivir un huracán en la Gran Manzana. Podeis escuchar la entrevista o seguir mis informes en directo a través de este blog.

Kike Live: Sandy, la mañana después

Estoy escribiendo estas líneas y actualizando en tiempo real. Podeis regresar en unos minutos para ver el reportaje completo. Gracias por las visitas.

Acabo de finalizar una Entrevista en directo en Aragón Radio desde Nueva York

Nueva York - 8.30 am. Ha sido una larga noche. Si alguien me hubiera avanzado que en mi vida profesional o personal, un día iba a vivir un huracán en la ciudad que nunca duerme, jamás lo hubiera creído. Aun suenan suaves ráfagas de viento en el exterior y no lo creo. Quien podría creer que Nueva York. Nuestro Nueva York, el Nueva York de las películas, de los sueños, de los retos, del sacrifico, de los rascacielos. El Nueva York que vivió la caída de las Torres Gemelas, un día se vería impactado por un huracán.

Me he despertado en un rincón del apartamento alejado de las ventanas. Decidí colocar la cama detrás de una columna, ante el temor de que los andámios que habían dejado en el exterior del edificio, reventaran los cristales con las sacudidas del viento. Y yo que me crié en la Tierra del Cierzo y creía que lo había visto todo.

Una larga noche. De modo conciso, trataré de resumir algunos de los acontecimientos más importantes:

. El sistema de metro ha sido fuertemente afectado. Se han inundado túneles, estaciones, sistemas de metro, y líneas de tren. Las autoridades lo describen como el mayor desastre en la larga vida del ¨New York Subway System¨, en sus más de 108 años de existencia. El Chairman de MTA Joe Lhota ha hablado de impactos sin precedentes en todos los boroughs y condados, a lo largo de todo sistemas de transportes. El metro, mi metro, transporta una media de 5,2 millones de personas a la semana. Mi imaginación no alcanza a calcular el impacto que esto tendrá.

. Al menos 50 casas se incendiaron en la Península de Rockaway en Queens. Numerosas personas tuvieron que ser rescatadas. Como bien explicó el Alcalde Michael Bloomberg, Sandy es ¨una tormenta que sucede únicamente una vez en la vida¨.

. Durante la noche tuvimos una central nuclear en NJ en nivel dos de alerta, de los cuatro que tiene el sistema. No he podido confirmar en estos momentos el estado de dicha situación hasta el momento.

. El huracán Sandy tocó tierra cerca de Atlantic City. ¨Aterrizó¨ en forma de un ciclón post-tropical casí a las 8 pm. Los vientos más fuertes se registraron en Suffolk County (Nueva York), con velocidades de 96 millas por hora.

. 5.700 cancelados y los tres principales aeropuertos permanecen cerrados.

. Amanecemos con casi 5 millones de personas sin luz en la Costa Este. La quinta parte se encuentran en el estado de Nueva Jersey. 231.000 personas en Manhattan, 86.206 en Queens, 75.423 en Brooklyn y 82.905 en el Bronx.

. Obama declara Nueva York y Nueva Jersey Zona de Desastre.

. El Huracán Donna que pasó por Nueva York en el 60 fue de grandes dimensiones. El nivel de las aguas por el paso de Sandy ha sido 4 pies por encima de dicho huracán, alcanzando un record de casi 14 pies.

. Se recibirieron casi 1.000 llamadas el número 911 de emergencia entre las 5.30 y las 6 de la mañana. Más de 4.800 trabajos están en la lista de ¨pendientes¨ de emergencias, y el total de llamadas recibidas fue de más de 8.000 durante la noche.

. Escuchando las palabras de Freddie Mercury, David Letterman emitió su programa sin audiencia. ¨The Show must go on¨.

. Una mujer murió electrocutada en su casa de Queens, en la calle 134.

. Según el New York Times, el total de muertos asciende al menos a 13 personas. En Connecticut, desde donde evacué antes de ayer, falleció un bombero y una mujer de 90 años.

Aun siento el rugir del viento en las ventanas. La incertidumbre sobre cual iba a ser el impacto que iba a generar Sandy sobre mi vida, sobre la vida de millones de personas que residen en la zona Tri-Estatal de la Costa Este.  De hecho, aun desconozco si gran parte de mis posesiones que se encontraban en una casa junto al mar en Connecticut, siguen intactas, o por el contrario, yacen cubiertas de agua salada. Como hubiera dicho mi abuela Regla ¨Gracias a la Virgen de Regla¨ y como dirían muchos en mi tierra, ¨Gracias a la Pilarica¨. Al fin y al cabo, aquí seguimos al pie del cañón amando la profesión y a este planeta. Aunque nos los estemos cargando poco a poco. Es bello. Es único. Conservémoslo, que se nos desvanece en las manos cual arena de playa deslizándose en los dedos de un niño curioso. Y sí, hoy sí debo decir, y ¨Nunca dejeis de soñar¨. Y pensar que antes de ayer, el único tema de conversación de la Gran Manzana era sobre qué disfraz portar el día del desfile de Halloween en Manhattan. Kike Calvo.

KIKE Live from NY: 10 ways of following Sandy

New York  - A quick list of ways of following Hurricane Sandy from trustful resources. To make the effort easier for all my readers, besides my regular updates on Twitter @kikecalvo y and my blog articles, I have created a list now that the wind is strongly knocking on my apartment´s windows.

Photo via 

This is a video roundup of how New York felt Sandy:

1. The National and Weather Forecast del Huracán Sandy via

2. The New York Times Sandy Live Updates, answering essential questions and other doubts,

Water floods the PATH´s Station in Hoboken

3. New York Daily News . Tracking Hurricane Sandy

4. Sandycam Live 24-7

86th street R station has water everywhere, including 
above the platform (via ninjapito) 

5. CNN Hurricane Tracker 

Image of Hurricane Sandy from the space, taken 
from the International Station. NASA. 

6. NBC News on Hurricane Sandy

7. The National Hurricane Center from the National Weather Service, particularly the page devoted to Sandy

8. Live Cam from the building of The New York Times in Manhattan

9. CNN live: You can watch the American Edition or what people are watching around the world on the international edition 

10. Kike Calvo Blog: Desde el Objetivo de Kike Calvo y Kike Live! y @kikecalvo inn Twitter. And for your general background, reading this article on how to prepare for a hurricane might be a good idea. I never thought I would live through one in NYC.

lunes, 29 de octubre de 2012

Desde el Objetivo de Kike Calvo: Esperando al Huracán Sandy Parte II

Nueva York - 5.27 pm. Sandy ya está muy cerca de la costa, y ya notamos los fuertes vientos y la lluvia azotando las ventanas. A pesar de que he leído que colocar cinta aislante sobre las ventanas, no impediría que los cristales saltaran en mil pezados, he decidido pegar la cinta en forma de estrella en cada vidrio. Todos tenemos junto a la puerta de la casa, una mochila personal, con nuestra documentación, linternas, pilas, y ropa de abrigo, en caso de que fuera necesario salir. Uno no sabe que esperar. Los seres humanos siempre pensamos que nunca va a pasar nada. Hasta que realmente pasa. Y sino, que me lo digan a mi, que el año pasado la lancha en la que viajaba entre Leticia (Colombia) y Iquitos (Peru) se hundió literalmente en las turbias aguas del Amazonas por la noche. 

Lo que me preocupa realmente, son los andamios que cuelgan frente a mi ventana. Acabo de hablar con la empresa de management del edificio, y me indican que la empresa que está arreglando el techo, ha decidido que no era seguro quitarlos. Y yo me pregunto, si hace días que existe una alerta de huracán, no deberían haberlo hecho antes. Si esos cables se sueltan, mi temor es que revienten las ventanas. En Manhattan ya se ha desplomado una grua, y no hemos comenzado con la tormenta real todavía.

Mirando por la ventana, el viento mece con fuerza los árboles. Creo que nunca en mis años en Nueva York, los había visto sacudirse con tanta fuerza. El video que he colgado, lo he grabado hace casi dos horas, y ya ha ido subiendo el nivel de la fuerza conforme pasa el rato.

Apenas nadie camina por la calle. Un silencio invade la ciudad, roto a ráfagas por los fuertes vientos y la lluvia. 

Esta vivencia me está sirviendo para reflexionar sobre el ser humano y sus comportamientos. Hay gente colocando imágenes salidas de fotográmas de películas de cine en Facebook, buscando subir el número de seguidores. Un huracán no es una broma. Una inundación no es una broma. Un terremoto no es una broma. Tampoco son simplemente noticias. Miles de personas, y en este caso, posiblemente millones, se verán afectadas por un desastre natural. Espero estar equivocándome, y que estas líneas sean únicamente reflexiones motivadas por horas para gastar hasta la llegada de la ¨gran tormenta¨. 

No tengo problema con documentar la realidad. De hecho, yo mismo estoy informando o tratando de hacerlo de todo cuanto acontece desde mi rincón, en la vivencia de este huracán histórico. Simplemente creo que no debemos perder la perspectiva de lo que colgamos en Facebook, de lo que compartimos con nuestros amigos en las redes. Esta tormenta, es culpa de todos. Más de unos que de otros. Pero la realidad, es que aunque haya costado años darse cuenta, los seres humanos con nuestros comportamientos hemos conseguido cambiar lo que el universo mantuvo en equilibrio durante siglos. Algunos me dirán, que no son sino ciclos naturales. No dudo que lo sean, pero tras recorrer el mundo, ver el deshielo en el ártico, la desaparición de los arrecifes, el blanqueamiento de los corales, las matanzas de ballenas, la polución de los ríos, la tala del Amazonas, la obsolescencia programada, la manipulación de los consumidores y la obsolescencia percibida... Podría seguir y seguir. Usemos las redes para mejorar el mundo en que vivimos. Usemos la tecnología para informar y apoyar las buenas causas. Usemos la red para ayudar a quienes puedan necesitarlo. Y sí, como ya he dicho hace unas horas en el Facebook, las imágenes de la Estatua de la Libertad no son reales. 

Hoy en la tarde, a última hora los neoyorkinos, muy seguramente influenciados por la noticias y la incertidumbre, decidieron al igual que yo, hacer un nuevo viaje al supermercado para asegurarse de que contaban en la despensa con víveres suficientes. Pero sobre todo, agua. Algunas de las repisas estaban ya vacías sin producto alguno.

A estas horas ya, están todos en casa. Cada uno buscando el respaldo de sus familias o amigos. Enviándo mensajes a través de la red. Colgándo imágenes en Instagram captadas con sus teléfonos móviles. Ya en pocas horas, sabremos si Sandy se convierte en la super-tormenta de la que todos hablan. Aprovechamos que aun tenemos conexiones normales y electricidad. 

Una fuerte ráfaga acaba de lanzar despedido algo hasta la calle. Desde mi silla, he oído como algo volaba en el exterior. El aire sigue ganando fuerzas. Dos líneas más, y algo más a impactado abajo en la calle. Y escribo desde un sexto piso. Imagino que las ramas se están ya partiendo. Ahora me informan que los bomberos han entregado chalecos salvavidas, a los vecinos de Northern Boulevard que viven en los primeros pisos. 

¿Y por qué esta tomenta podría ser realmente diferente en la Costa Este?

Sandy es una tormenta tropical que asciende por el Atlántico cargada de aire caliente y agua. A la izquierda, se va a encontrar con aire gélido proveniente del Artico. Y para completar, a 30.000 pies existe una corriente o ¨jetstream¨ que va a cargar la tormenta de mucha más energía, convirtiéndola seguramente en una super tormenta. 

Se puede obtener información fiable a través de Weather Channel, y sus actualizaciones Live. 

Son la 1.15 am. El viento continúa, pero mis energías descienden. Voy a tratar de dormir un poco . Durante todo el día he estado trabajando en las 10 mejores formas de seguir a Sandy e infinidad de informaciones en Twitter @kikecalvo . Mañana será otro día. Dios mediante. 

Nueva York sin gente. Ver para creer.

Ante la llegada inminente del Huracán Sandy, la Estación de Trenes de Grand Central y la Estación de metro de Times Square aparecen desoladas.  Podeis leer mis actualizaciones de la experiencia de vivir el huracán Sandy en Nueva York via Desde el Objetivo de Kike Calvo ó con mis actualizaciones regulares en Twitter @kikecalvo

Imágenes via Flickr MTA

Desde el Objetivo de Kike Calvo: Esperando al Huracán Sandy

Nueva York - 11.56 p.m. Escribo estas líneas ante la incertidumbre de que pudiéramos perder la electricidad pronto. Una radio suena en el fondo de la habitación, describiendo las evacuaciones y alertas de la zona tri-estatal, mientras los aullidos del viento comienzan a acariciar las ventanas.

Tras vivir septiembre 11 y el amerizaje del avión de American Airlines en el Hudson, nunca pasó por mi cabeza que un día viviría un huracán, posiblemente de proporciones nunca antes vistas, en la ciudad de Nueva York. El New York Times ha instalado una cámara en la parte superior de su edificio en la calle 42 que captura escenas de Manhattan en tiempo real cada 60 segundos, donde se podrá ver el paso de la tormenta por la ciudad.

Hoy en la mañana, sin saber bien lo que iba a acontecer, decidí conducir hasta Yale, en West Haven (Connecticut), donde tenía gran parte de mis equipos fotográficos y numerosos discos duros con fotografías de muchos años atrás. No sé si podría amortiguar una nueva pérdida de todos mis equipos (Me asaltaron el año pasado, robándome todo y me hundí en el Amazonas a los pocos días con todos los equipos nuevos). Los vecinos de West Haven estaban colocando sacos de arena frente a las casas, y algunas de ellas, ya tenían selladas las ventanas con madera. La ida a transcurrido sin demoras, sin embargo, el retorno ha costado mucho más tiempo del habitual. Ya los atascos eran significativos, y muchos carteles de la autopista anunciaban evacuación en la zona A de Nueva York, que afecta a casi medio millón de personas. 

A la llegada a Manhattan un correo electrónico de un servicio de alerta al que me registré ayer, ya indica la evacuación de la zona donde se encontraban todos mis equipos: 


Una vez en Nueva York, he tratado de ser lo más lógico y coherente posible, tratando en lo posible dada la situación. Siguiendo instrucciones, hemos comprado pilas, litros de agua y provisiones. Es muy posible, según anuncian ahora, que millones de personas se vean afectados de diferentes formas. Oleajes de dimensiones bíblicas, inundaciones, cortes de electricidad. 

Ya han pasado tres horas desde que el Alcalde Bloomberg ha ordenado el cierre del sistema de metro de la ciudad, ante el temor de que puedan inundarse. ¨Nuestro sistema de metro está diseñado para soportar numerosas inclemencias,¨comentaban en la radio mientras conducía, ¨pero no está diseñado para funcionar sumergido¨. 


Pauso un segundo mientras leo los últimos titulares: ¨Hurricane-force wind warnings have been issued for the coastal waters of seven states as Hurricane Sandy appears destined to enter the history books as one of the most exceptional -- and potentially destructive -- storms to strike the Northeast in modern history.¨ 

El viento ruge en el exterior y las calles parecen serenas. Observo lo que acontece tras el cristal, mientras coloco cinta adhesiva en forma de estrella, para evitar que los cristales salgan despedidos, en caso de romperse una ventana.  Me preocupa el andamio que hay en el exterior. En estos días estaban renovando el tejado del edificio, y la empresa encargada, ha dejado el andamio ¨aparcado¨en el último piso, nivel en el que me encuentro. 

Están instruyendo a los ciudadanos qué hacer ante un escenario de fuerte vientos y la importancia de que todos contemos con un kit de emergencia en cada hogar. La lista está completa, aunque me doy cuenta que quizá no tenga suficientes pilas si se va la electricidad mucho tiempo. He colocado una mochila junto a la puerta del apartamento, dejándo lista ropa de abrigo, zapatos, documentación, dinero y una de mis cámaras, en caso de que la situación realmente empeorara y nos indicaran que debiéramos evacuar. Por suerte, me encuentro en lo que consideran Zona C o amarilla ¨Possible but unlikely chance of evacuation¨. La Zona A o Zona Roja ya ha sido evacuada el día de hoy, afectando a casi medio millón de neoyorkinos. 

Mientras incorporo el mapa al blog, apunto en una hoja los dos refugios de evacuación más cercanos a donde me encuentro. Al hacer un recuento, mi posición dista 11 manzanas de la zona naranja. 

Cierro estas líneas tratando de imaginar lo que depararán los próximos dos días. Una mezcla de nerviosismo e incertidumbre ante un evento natural de proporciones históricas. Quien podría imaginar las estaciones de metro desiertas. Recuerdos de un NY post 911 pasan por mi cabeza.

Image: Flickr MTA

Siempre cierro con la frase ¨Nunca dejeis de soñar¨, pero en esta ocasión, creo es más adecuada que espero que la Virgen del Pilar se acuerde de nosotros. Buenas noches.