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martes, 13 de septiembre de 2011

The Photographic Chain: Jose Benito Ruiz

Five Minutes with JOSE BENITO RUIZ

My dream is … almost impossible. To keep the photographers of any kind joined by a common project, maybe via Internet. Both at a national as well as the international level. We all have to keep in touch.

The biggest lesson in my career… I have been learning it as time passes by: humility. Some of the most re-known photographers I met, are also some of the most friendly and reachable, always willing to to teach others.

The biggest lesson in my life… Patience. I learned it when my first daughter was born with only 5 months into the pregnancy.

The moment I will never forget... ¨Fotogenio¨ meeting in Spain: 2.000 people came together to share photography.

Photography is... Passion.

Kike´s thoughts: Benito is an example of the Spanish passion. I have heard about José Benito in the past, but our paths didn´t cross until we met at Vila Real´s 2011 Nature Simposium in Spain, where we were both panelists. Charming with a great sense of humor, but above all, a kind professional deeply worried about the future of our profession. I knew about his work, his beautiful nature compositions, but not until I heard his theories in person, I realized how much we had in common in so many aspects. Currently, Benito is President of AEFONA, Spain´s Nature Photographers Association.

So who is... Jose ?
More about Jose:

Jose would like me to talk to:
John Shaw, Kathy Moran and Niall Benvie.

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