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miércoles, 21 de septiembre de 2011

The Photographic Chain: KATHY MORAN

Five minutes with...Kathy Moran


My dream is… that there will always be venues and support for meaningful wildlife and conservation photography. Photography must be recognized as an integral voice in the conservation dialog.

Photo © Kurt Mutchler.

The biggest lesson in my career… Every story! Every project is always an amazing learning experience and I feel so lucky and to have so many opportunities to keep experiencing new ideas, working with new photographers and continually seeing the world through diverse personalities.

The biggest lesson in my life… Always try to give back - personally and professionally. No one can do it alone.

The moment I will never forget... Professionally - when Nick Nichols and Mike Fay finally reached the beach in Gabon on the Megatransect Expedition. The culmination of years of planning and months of faith in Nick's talent and determination as well as Mike Fay's passion and commitment to conservation.

Photography is... Community, sharing, engaging and informing.

Kike´s thoughts: I admire Kathy´s ability to edit stories. A National Geographic Senior Editor for Natural History Projects with twenty-seven years of experience and more than 135 articles, Kathy skillfully manages to keep the surprise factor on her stories, which feels quite refreshing to me every time I open the yellow magazine.

I had the opportunity to speak to Kathy while interviewing her for my book on how to take nature photographs, which is finally hitting the bookstores in a few months. While that conversation took place a few years ago, some elements of her views on storytelling still come to mind, quite often indeed. Vision, the process of creating a story, the difference between a single photograph and a series of images that tell a story, the need to look for the broader story.

Just recently, when shooting an assignment for The New York Times Travel Section: 36 hours in Quito, I realize I was making a conscious effort to think of the strategic use of color each time I clicked the shutter, which was another one of those issues Kathy aptly put emphasis on.

So from this, my little corner in Cyberspace, I thank Kathy for her inspiring thoughts. Gracias, Kathy.

So...Who is Kathy?

Kathy is National Geographic magazine’s first senior editor for natural history projects. A twenty-seven year veteran of the Society, Moran has produced projects about terrestrial and underwater ecosystems for the magazine since 1990. At last count she had edited over 135 articles for the magazine. Recent highlights include editing a special edition of National Geographic magazine “100 Best Wildlife Photographs”. She was also project manager for the NGS/Wildlife Conservation Society’s award winning collaboration of photographer Nick Nichols and Dr. Michael Fay’s trek across Central Africa. The resulting articles were the impetus for the creation of Gabon’s National Park system. She was named “Picture Editor of the Year” for her winning portfolio in the 2006 Pictures of the Year competition. Moran believes that every story and every photographer need to be edited individually. There is no formula that can be applied.

More about Kathy:

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