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jueves, 9 de junio de 2011

Five Minutes with TINO SORIANO


My dream is … to do exactly what I am doing. I believe dreams are a reference, and making them happen is the great engine of humanity. I still have some pending dreams, regarding a better world, but I am afraid I will not get to see them.

The biggest lesson in my career… that you should never approach anything in life with pre-established ideas or stereotypes.

The biggest lesson in my life… is that the feelings, hopes and needs of all people are the same, no matter their race, gender or religion.

The moment I will never forget... the birth of my daughter, even I was busy photographing it.

Photography is... creating a link with the others and your moment in time. A great tool to make the world a little bit closer.

Kike´s thoughts: ... Where should I start? I had the pleasure of first meeting Tino at the University of La Rábida in Southern Spain several years ago. We were both instructors at a summer workshop. Immediately came across as a friendly close person. Time brought us together again at MontPhoto Photography Contest, where we exchanged many ideas and common issues. Time has passed, and he has always been crystal clear. I do not remember one time when I have asked him for a contact or some sort of feedback, where he, sooner or later, got back to me. But what I am really thankful for is when he helped me around my first National Geographic Annual Seminar in Washington DC. I can´t forget my excitement of being living my own dream. One more time, he shared his knowledge and wisdom, pointing me into the right direction, introducing me to all whom I should know. So what else should I say… Its is a real pleasure being the only other Spaniard represented by the National Geographic Collection, and have him by my side as a reference. Muchas, muchas, muchas gracias amigo y colega.

The Time Machine:

Present: Image taken in Zaragoza (Spain)

Past: 25 years ago. Dal Lake (Cachemire)

So who is ... Tino ?
More about Tino:

3 comentarios:

  1. Querido Kike, es loable tu esfuerzo por acercar al gran público nuestra obra. La verdad es que a nadie le amarga un dulce, aunque estarás de acuerdo conmigo que detrás de nuestro trabajo lo que hay es un montón de esfuerzo y una dosis muy grande de voluntad. Mucha suerte con la cadena y gracias por compartir esos cinco minutos

  2. Hola Tino,
    Es para mi un placer el poder haber podido hacer una nota sobre un compañero de profesión que estuvo junto a mi en uno de los momentos más especiales en mi carrera. Pero aparte, no he dicho nada que no sea cierto. Trabajo, trabajo y más trabajo. Creo que cuando leas la entrevista de Bob Krist que viene después, me entenderás. Un abrazo y muchas gracias a tí.

  3. Maravilloso, con un poquito más del cariño, respeto y admiración que se percibe en éste post el mundo giraría mejor ;)
    Gracias por compartirlo Kike, no conocía a Tino, encantada.