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lunes, 30 de mayo de 2011

The Photographic Chain: GERD LUDWIG

Five Minutes with GERD LUDWIG

My dream is … to be the first photographer on the moon.

The biggest lesson in my career… the most important tools are mind and soul.

The biggest lesson in my life… there is only one way to find out if something works: TRY!

The moment I will never forget... photographing inside the Chernobyl reactor.

Photography is... whatever you make it.

Kike´s thoughts: ... I had the pleasure of meeting Gerd during the National Geographic Annual Seminar in Washington DC this January. Even the full calendar of events and activities organized at the Geographic, we had the chance to enjoy a few brief conversations. I had always admired his work, his vision. On return from the trip, a few days after, he took the time to do a strong critique of my work on Skype. He was able to point out some elements in my work, things I should polish, breaking my rigidity when it came to my ¨perfectly organized¨compositions. Let it go. Not easy to listen to someone with such experience, get down to your own work. For that, for being so natural and friendly, for his kindness in listening to what I had to share and advise me, I will always be grateful.

So who is... Gerd ?

More about Gerd:

Gerd would have liked me to talk to: My professor, Dr. Otto Steinert but he died in 1978 or
George Steinmetz.

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