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martes, 31 de mayo de 2011

Kike Calvo aparece en la serie Freaklances

Se acaba de lanzar el nuevo capítulo de ¨Freaklances¨donde intervengo como nuevo personaje. Si quereis sonreir, no dejeis de verlo...

La cámara más cara del mundo

Esta Leica de 1923 de la serie 0 se ha convertido en la cámara más cara del mundo. En una subasta reciente en Estados Unidos, ha sido adquirida por el módico precio de €1.320.000.

lunes, 30 de mayo de 2011

Talleres de Fotografía en Bogotá

Durante el mes de agosto, estaré realizando varios talleres en Bogotá. En unos días, incluiré las fechas definitivas. Impartiré los siguientes talleres:

a) Más allá del arte: El negocio de la fotografía (Universidad Javeriana de Bogotá)
b) Portfolio Review: (Zona Cinco)
c) El arte de narrar con fotografías (Zona Cinco)
d) El negocio de la fotografía (Zona Cinco)

Si estais interesados, os recomiendo una inscripción temprana, ya que como sucedió la vez pasada, es posible que los cupos se agoten rápidamente.

El Arte de Narrar con Fotografias

Portfolio Review

El Negocio de la Fotografía

The Photographic Chain: GERD LUDWIG

Five Minutes with GERD LUDWIG

My dream is … to be the first photographer on the moon.

The biggest lesson in my career… the most important tools are mind and soul.

The biggest lesson in my life… there is only one way to find out if something works: TRY!

The moment I will never forget... photographing inside the Chernobyl reactor.

Photography is... whatever you make it.

Kike´s thoughts: ... I had the pleasure of meeting Gerd during the National Geographic Annual Seminar in Washington DC this January. Even the full calendar of events and activities organized at the Geographic, we had the chance to enjoy a few brief conversations. I had always admired his work, his vision. On return from the trip, a few days after, he took the time to do a strong critique of my work on Skype. He was able to point out some elements in my work, things I should polish, breaking my rigidity when it came to my ¨perfectly organized¨compositions. Let it go. Not easy to listen to someone with such experience, get down to your own work. For that, for being so natural and friendly, for his kindness in listening to what I had to share and advise me, I will always be grateful.

So who is... Gerd ?

More about Gerd:

Gerd would have liked me to talk to: My professor, Dr. Otto Steinert but he died in 1978 or
George Steinmetz.

sábado, 28 de mayo de 2011

Click! Click! Click!

Leica Akademie

Tengo el placer de anunciar que me he incorporado como Master Class Instructor a Leica Akademie. Es un honor para mi que la prestigiosa compañía haya seleccionado para la promoción una de mis imágenes realizada con una Leica M9 y un Elmarit 28 mm 2.8 en un reciente viaje a Nueva York. Me informan que el taller está practicamente lleno, pero que quedan dos cupos en octubre. En unos días, creo ampliaré un par de fechas más. Para seguir esta u otras actividades, recordad que podeis seguir mis pasos en Facebook.

sábado, 14 de mayo de 2011

Bombo: Delirio Salsa, Circo, Orquesta. Hecho en Cali

En mi caminar por la ciudad de Cali, tuve la suerte de acceder a los ensayos del grupo de Salsa, Circo y Orquesta Delirio, mientras se preparaban para el estreno de su nueva presentación ¨Bombo¨. Desde aquí agradecer al grupo, y a todos los integrantes, su amabilidad y colaboración en mi sesión fotográfica. Si sabía que Cali era ritmo, me atrevo a decir que Delirio, es ritmo y pasión.

The Photographic Chain: ART WOLFE

Five Minutes with ART WOLFE

My dream is… that the rest of humanity could appreciate this world as I do, cherish it, respect it, and protect it. I have shared my images with the world and it would be my dream that through them, others will see how important it is to do what we can to save this planet during our temporary stay. I have been photographing around the world for over 30 years, I have been privileged to see some of the most beautiful places on this planet, been introduced to remote cultures and met countless wonderful people along the way.

The biggest lesson in my career… Never stop looking. No matter where you are. There are good photos all around us, you just have to keep looking. When you've approached a subject and shot it, keep looking; change your angles, change your lens. When you feel stuck, keep looking. When the light is poor, think macro, and keep looking. Just never stop looking and then ultimately seeing. My best images are never the first ones I've shot of a subject, it's the ones that came later as I worked the subject, looking for different angles and approaches that have pleased me most.

The biggest lesson in my life… came when I was in middle school growing up in West Seattle. I had always enjoyed painting and began painting rural scenes and landscapes. It was when the teachers at my school purchased my paintings for 50-60 dollars each that I knew I would be able to make a living with my art. Though I transitioned to photography as an adult, I've never stopped or deviated from that path which I set upon so many years ago.

The moment I will never forget... was photographing a white rhinoceros and my assistant and I were charged by the animal. The only thing that saved us from serious injury and an untimely end was a single banyan tree in the landscape. The roots of the tree were up above the surrounding soil, allowing us to cram our bodies down in-between the roots while the rhino pawed, thrust and rammed at us, just barely out of harm’s way. It was a terrifying ordeal, one I do not wish to repeat. Covered in snot, slobber and dirt we emerged alive and no, I didn't get the shot. It's easy to get lost behind the lens, to get wrapped up in the moment and to feel "safe" but this was a very strong reminder that safety can be very fleeting when the situation turns on you.

Photography is... My passion. My medium. My story. A chance to share with others some of the beautiful corners of the earth captured through my lens. The ability to bridge different worlds and forge friendships as one takes a digital capture of a remote culture and turns the camera around for them to see themselves perhaps for the first time. Photography can bring out an emotional response in people: change the way they look at a situation, change minds, and change attitudes. Photography is powerful.

Kike´s thoughts: When I think of Art Wolfe, I recall different moments in my life seeking inspiration along my career. Looking at his work brought me directly into nature. Someone whom I saw that was able to develop photographic master pieces, while maintaining a successful business. I recall a friendly conversation we had a long time ago over the phone, when he was driving to Alaska to film a TV show. I must say it was an honor to win two editions in his photography contest, including the conservation category (2010) and the underwater category (2008).

The Time Machine:

So who is… Art ?

More about Art:

Art suggest me to talk to: Gavriel Jecan, David duChemin and Jay Goodrich.

domingo, 8 de mayo de 2011

Talleres fotográficos en Colombia: Zona Cinco y Universidad Javeriana

Alumnos de Zona Cinco

Impartir talleres no siempre es tarea fácil. Especialmente cuando tus alumnos, se ven cláramente influenciados por algunas de las visualizaciones fotográficas realizadas en clase. La imagen muestra cómo mis series del ballet, parecieron afectar a la cordura del grupo. Bromas aparte, concluí el día de hoy varios talleres en la ciudad de Bogotá (Colombia). No puedo sino agradecer el agradecimiento y cariño recibido por todos ellos en la Universidad Javeriana y en Zona Cinco.

Alumnos de la Universidad Javeriana

Alumnos del Portfolio Review en Zona Cinco