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viernes, 29 de abril de 2011

The Photographic Chain: BEN HORTON

Five Minutes with BEN HORTON

My dreams is… simply to be able to continue doing what I love, taking photos, and traveling the world. I do whatever I can to continue working and living the way that I do.

The biggest lesson in my career… has been one long ongoing lesson with a few highlights. Mainly though, the biggest thing I've learned about being a photographer is to shoot what I know, and shoot what I love. If I keep doing that then I'll continue to love my job, and the photos will keep getting better.

The biggest lesson in my life is… that we are not necessarily born with a purpose, we are born with potential. With that potential we can create our purpose. Mine is to inspire other people through my images and my stories.

The moment I will never forget... is a "time period" that stands out more than any other. That's when I was a child in Bermuda and my mom and dad would take me out in the boat every day after school in the boat and we'd freedive for fish and lobster. I think those adventures in the ocean made me who I am today.

Photography is... a chance to see the world through someone else's eyes, to see how the photographer sees the world, and to show people how we see the world. The way we process our world is different for everybody, photography shows that.

Kike´s thoughts: I met Ben in January at the National Geographic Annual Seminar. We hardly had the chance to chat back then. Back home, we connected via Facebook. We exchange some communications, but above all, it striked me his love for photography and his advises to me as a newcomer to National Geographic family. Listening to his words, I can feel his connection with his dad, now gone, in a similar way I have to mine, always looking from above.

The Time Machine:

Photographing Bull Sharks in Rio Sirena, while avoiding crocodiles

Ben suggests me to talk to:

Nick Nichols, David Alan Harvey, James Nachway, Lou Lesko, Wade Davis, Ian Roberts and Susan Welchman

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