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martes, 21 de septiembre de 2010

Lo sentímos, no se realizan trabajos gratuítos

Grover de Photoshelter acaba de realizar entrevistas a seis fotógrafos internacionales, respondiendo al por qué no debemos trabajar nunca gratis como fotógrafos profesionales de la imagen.

Adjunto una breve sección donde aparezco, aunque podeis ver todas las entrevistas aquí

Comienza diciendo así...

¨The promise of "exposure" is probably innocent enough, but insulting at the same time. Sure, "exposure" can be fantastic for a photographer's business if they will be featured in the New York Times, or have a made-for-TV movie created about their life as a photographer, but anything less doesn't really help to expand the photographer's business.

One such example is shared by Kike Calvo, a photographer and blogger based in Spain, who was promised "exposure" as his only form of payment.

"As I normally share with my photo students from all around Latin America, as photographers we should never give away our work for free. There are certain situations, where there is an implicit exchange, such as in search of reaching certain [new] markets. But as a whole, in my experience, when there is a monetary exchange, clients tend to appreciate our work more, like in other things in life."

"There are many stories of people requesting freebies. From the top of my head, I can recall one request from the director of a Public Relations and Design Company. They had just launched a new office, and after a nice conversation on the phone, a lovely woman said:

"Kike, your work is beautiful. We are going to support your career. I am going to do you a favour. We are going to decorate all the walls from the company with your pictures. What do you think? This will give you exposure."

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